Your Closing

Congratulations on your newly signed contract. We're delighted that you've selected us to be on your team. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or real estate professional our goal is to provide you quality service that will help you feel comfortable and prepared when you arrive at your closing with us. We know that a lot of work and decision making brought you to us for your closing - and we applaud that work. Now, just a few more steps before you own your new home.

You Are Under Contract - What's Next?

The Gilroy Firm is the first Georgia Firm to use CloseSimple for our closings. This means you will receive timely updates - but not too many - from us through the closing process.

What Do The Title Attorney, Realtor, And Lender Do?

First time homebuyer? Looking for more clarity about the process, vocabulary words, tips? Let us help answer some questions about the process including what do all of these people do?

Why Do I Need Owners' Title Insurance

We recommend purchasing Owners' Title Insurance and are happy to explain how it protects your ownership and title to land. Your lender will require you to purchase Lender's Title Insurance policy to protect them. An Owners' Title Insurance policy protects your interest in the property in the event that something undiscoverable arises like missing heirs, forgeries, mis-indexed documents, and more.