Staging Your Management Company To Sell

Preparation Pays Off

Attorney Monica Gilroy and national trainer Robert Locke RMP, MPM have been on the buying or selling side of 30 transactions of property management businesses. Together we are building a series of documents, training videos and live workshops on the topic of Buying/Selling A Management Business.

3 Hour Continuing Education Class Atlanta Georgia

We will be teaching a 3 hour continuing education class titled

Buying/Selling a Management Company 

that will go into more detail on the steps and strategies of buying and selling a management company. We'll examine the anatomy of the sale, how to prepare, what the steps of the purchase/sale are, what the documents look like, how to evaluate a management business, what to expect as a buyer/seller and how to maximize your acquisition/selling metrics. 

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Monica and Roberts experience with buying/selling property management companies.

Robert has acquired 14 management companies during his 35 year career in Atlanta Georgia. He bailed out once, downsizing from 750 properties to 300, and ultimately sold out to a Fortune 500 company with 1,000 houses under management in 2015. He has also brokered three companies. 

Monica has handled the legal process for 10 companies (none overlap with Roberts) from as small as 300 properties to as large as 2,000 in four different states. 

Together we've handled the legal and/or operational side of the sale of 30 different companies. To begin a conversation complete the form on the right side of this page and we'll reach out to you. 

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Staging Your Company to Sell

Staging Your Company to Sell

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