Staging Your Property Management Company To Sell

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Tools to Help You Sell Your Company

  1. Staging Checklist. …. Coming Soon … This list will help you focus on What To Do To Prepare your company to sell. This is Your Path to Preparing Your Company to Sell whether it happens in two months or 10 years >>
  2. To be ready for that Initial Conversation with a prospective buyer you'll need the answers to the following questions. >>
  3. Reports to begin keeping so you'll have the stat's you need when you're ready to sell. >>
  4. Letters Of Intent: Download multiple Letters Of Intent (short ones and long ones) from actual cases where buyers are proposing terms of sale to sellers. These are actual cases we've been a party to in the past 20 years as we've bought, sold and consulted others through the process. This will help prepare you for What Is Coming when you find a buyer ready to put their offer in writing. >>
  5. Samples of Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements you'll want to have ready BEFORE you give out your company information to perspective buyers. Also Standard Forms for you to use to complete your NDA. We have long (more complicated) ones and short (simpler) ones. All you need to do is Fill In The Blanks and you're ready for that first conversation with a potential buyer. >>

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