Rent Modification Document Package (COVID-19)


Rent Modification Document Package

This document package was developed by The Gilroy Firm to help property managers protect themselves when implementing RENT MODIFICATION AGREEMENTS with their clients. These documents are not state-specific but can be used everywhere to modify the lease and structure a rent modification.

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Rent Modification Document Package

Document #1 Affidavit/Application for Rent Modification

Offering a rent modification plan to your tenants should be a two-step process. Owners expect you to use good judgment offering rent modification programs to their tenants. You did this before move-in and you should do it before you modify their rent payments mid-lease. This document was drafted with your protection in mind as you’ll be held accountable for making good judgments regarding who to extend rent modification terms to and who should be denied. People will attempt to abuse the rent payment moratorium so protect yourself and do your due-diligence.

Document #2 Rent Modification Addendum

Since the original lease is a contract between the parties you need to follow the formality of a contract modification. Don’t diminish the importance of this process to an email agreement or an online form. You’re the one the owner is looking to to do this right no matter what the circumstances are and you’ll be held accountable by the courts (and the owner) so be smart about it. Have a properly drafted addendum to the lease outlining the terms of the amended lease contract.

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