Customized Management Documents

If you're looking for a lawyer-drafted property management agreement,  proven and tested in the property management community for 20 years, currently used by 150 managers, and updated annually, look no further.

Attorney Monica Gilroy initially crafted this document for Crown Realty and Management in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 and has been tweaking it frequently to adjust to the ever-changing market. This document is the result of a 20 year collaboration with Master Property Manager and national trainer Robert Locke who is a 40-year veteran of the management business. Startup companies, large companies, Resident Management Professionals (RPM), Master Property Managers (MPM), Certified Residential Management Companies (CRMC), Certified Property Managers (CPM), franchisees, capital groups and REITS have adapted this agreement to their company model in 17 states.

Monica's expertise in real estate litigation (especially landlord/tenant and fair housing disputes) uniquely equips her to write all the management documents you'll need to operate safely and profitably in property management. Monica is general counsel for the Atlanta NARPM chapter of 340 managers and is the go-to lawyer for NARPM National on many legal and fair housing issues. View her bio HERE.

The biggest advantage of this management agreement is you will discover all the revenue-generating strategies we've added over the years. You not only get a killer management agreement designed to protect professional managers but you pick up critical ideas on ways to generate more income while managing your tenants. (This document will pay for itself within a few months of implementation.)

You can get a management agreement from your local association but not one from a real estate litigator with intimate knowledge and experience they need to craft a document from decades of hands-on experience representing managers in court. This document has stood the test of litigation in courts as high as the Georgia Court of Appeals where our client won a suit from an owner, sued the plaintiff's lawyer for malicious litigation and won back all their attorney fees for having to defend themselves.

Here's what you get:

  1. A fully editable management document(with tons of training notes) that you will add your name to, make some adjustments for fees and percentages, add your brand, tweak to your model and be up and running. You would pay an attorney several thousand dollars to get this document and you still wouldn't have all the writer's experience and all the money-making strategies. View a sample excerpt
  2. A sample management agreement completely filled in so you see what it should look like when you're done.
  3. 20 studio-shot training videos covering every detail of the management agreement. View library of videosThis makes great training for your staff so you're not doing it all yourself.

You're not alone in this effort. Our mission is to help you customize this document to work in your model. We'll collaborate with you to make sure it's exactly what you need to be scalable and profitable in your market.

PMA Package #1 The Customized Management Agreement $1,995.00.

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