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FAQ of the Credhub System

A: No. Most of your service providers are NOT handling tenant's personal information so set-up is easy. If you're managing renters insurance, furnace filters or renters insurance, the tenant's personal data is not being transmitted over multiple platforms. When you're dealing with names, birthdays, social security numbers and amounts unpaid, the credit bureaus and data collection companies are VERY SENSITIVE about who is in this program and are they really managing the property. You'll be asked to prove you're in the management business (or own the property if you're a private landlord), have E&O insurance, have a real estate license (when required with the state to manage rentals) have an actual management agreement (just one, not one for each property managed) (or lease if you're a private landlord), have a business license if one is required in your state and so on. The bar for security of the data is set very high by the credit bureaus so the appropriate level of scrutiny with the manager is necessary. You'll have to demonstrate you are for real.

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