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Our goal at The Gilory Firm is to provide tools and resources to property managers to help them through the COVID-19 challenges and prepare them for the new normal after COVID-19

Rent Modification Document Package

Document Package #1 This document package was developed by The Gilroy Firm to help property managers protect themselves when implementing RENT MODIFICATION AGREEMENTS with their clients. These documents are not state-specific but can be used everywhere to modify the lease and structure a rent modification.
Document #1: Affidavit/Application for Rent Modification
Document #2: Rent Modification Addendum

Converting Security Deposit to Rent Addendum

Document Package #2 Managers, tenants and owners are having to make big adjustments from the traditional management practices and this one is a big change. COVID-19 is forcing managers to think outside-the-box when coming up with solutions to get them through the havoc we're experiencing with this life-changing pandemic. Having the tenant authorize the manager to convert the security deposit to rent is something you shouldn't do unless all parties are in agreement.
Primary Document: Converting Security Deposit to Rent Addendum

Survival Guide to COVID-19 for Property Managers

Document Package #3 This document package was developed by The Gilroy Firm and other collaborators to help property managers survive the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This package will continue to expand as we see needs change.
Package Documents: Click to View the Survival Guide for Property Managers

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