Our course are MCE and CE courses are taught by Monica Gilroy and Gilroy Firm attorneys. Guest speakers and educators are announced when confirmed. Professional Development in Leadership & Communications are taught by Anne Kelly and other guest lectures in Organizational Leadership.

Classes are help at The Gilroy Firm Corporate Office or Country Club of the South. To Register and view offered course select a term.

Spring Term

January – April

Summer Term

May – August

Fall Term

September – December

Young Professionals

Open to all young professionals in the Real Estate field and do not earn MCU or CU

  • Workplace Etiquette – Email, phone, coffee protocol
  • Client Communication Skills
  • Building your Personal Brand – Storytelling
  • Building your personal Brand – Networking & Social Media
  • Birkman Assessment – Know your motivation for better communication
Current Realtors Class Examples are
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  • Lorem ipsom 3 MCU
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