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Your Closing

Congratulations on your newly signed contract. We are delighted that you’ve selected us to be on your team.

If you are newer to home buying you may enjoy our section what do the title attorney, realtor, and lender do? or our guide to the home buying and title process. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or real estate professional our goal is to provide quality service that will help you feel comfortable and prepared when you arrive at your closing with us. .We know that there was a lot of work and decision making that brought you to us for your closing – and we applaud that work. Now, just a few more steps before you own your new home.

You Are Under Contract – What’s Next?

In addition to your Real Estate agent, more great people have been added to the team to help you become a home owner. These are separate entities, so you may receive duplicate requests from each party for a document or information –all the work comes together in the end with the closing attorney.

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What Do The Title Attorney, Realtor, And Lender Do?

Many people are on your team to help you become a home owner. These are each separate entities, so you may receive requests from each party for the same information. The Gilroy Firm recommends that you keep documents handy to be emailed or printed quickly as each party request them.

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Why Do I Need Owners’ Title Insurance

We recommend purchasing Owners’ Title Insurance and are happy to explain how it protects your ownership and title to land. Your lender will require you to purchase Lender’s Title Insurance policy to protect them. An Owners’ Title Insurance policy protects your interest in the property in the event that something undiscoverable arises like missing heirs, forgeries, mis-indexed documents.

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