Monica Gilroy Calls Hardwick Trial a “Wake-Up Call,” Verdict a Relief

In a Daily Report article October 16, 2018 Monica Gilroy is interviewed by Meredith Hobbs about the Hardwick Trial.

National Interest

Atlanta attorneys, mortgage brokers and title insurers followed the trial closely, as did their counterparts around the country, because it was so “egregious,” said Monica Gilroy, a title-insurance litigator at The Gilroy Firm who is also a past chair of the real property section.

“This case in particular caught all our attention, due to the amounts in controversy plus the details—the salacious nature of some of the accusations and the fact that Fidelity had to become involved,” Gilroy said.

“That’s why this got national attention [in 2014] when the escrow shortfalls came to light, first from the lawsuits and then Nat’s indictment,” Gilroy said. “Even though so egregious, it’s isolated.”

Wake-Up Call

Gilroy called the case a “wake-up call.” When the problems at MHS were first reported in August 2014, she said, it sparked an industry discussion that “we all are responsible for knowing what our partners are doing.”

“This case is not just about the escrow shortages—but what Nat did to his partners,” Gilroy said.

“Just because you are not the partner that deals with the day-to-day operations, you still need to know what is going on,” Gilroy said. “Until something like this happens to your brothers and sisters in the bar, it never occurs to you that it could happen to you.”

The full article source link is here at Daily Report

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