ALTA Innovation Boot Camp

Minneapolis, played host to a collaborative conference where title companies and partners shared ideas and energy about the title industry. For me, the event was a homecoming. Dunn Bros coffee from the adjacent building to the event was a former client. They bought their building when the neighborhood was just converting warehouses and factories to office space. The ad agency I worked for was one of these converted buildings and it always felt like a movie set – designed for atmosphere and portraying to clients the aesthetic benefits of good design. The Depot where the event was held was a symbol of progress. When I began my career in advertising several decades ago, the former Depot train station was just bones with train service having long ended (I always thought it would make a great public ice skating rink.) What was once the cutting edge of transportation and a way to transport communication in mail bags across the country had reached its final destination. In the early 2000’s when I departed Minneapolis for Atlanta, the digital age and websites were just blooming on our flip phones. In 2018, the Depot now refurbished into a gorgeous hotel and conference center showed the same ingenuity and progress that is driving the land title industry. The method of communication transportation may change, but land and the need to move forward will stay the same. Bravo to the industry that has rapidly transported its business marketing communications into cyber transportation. From google reviews to video education, to moving from B2B, to incorporating B2C marketing – you are on the cutting edge and your suitcase is ready for the next momentum in land title marketing.

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