Your Closing

We are looking forward to working with you regarding your real estate transaction. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or real estate agent/broker our goal is to provide quality service that will help you feel comfortable and informed regarding your upcoming closing with us.

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step one:

Buyer/Borrower and Seller information sheets can be accessed by clicking here. As we gather all of the information necessary to build your transaction, these sheets are just one of the ways we compile the information. Whether you fax or email the sooner the information gets back to us, the easier it will be for us to deliver the positive, professional closing experience we all want for you.

step two: (residential only)

Click on and print off the Checklist Items for Closing, whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Lender or Real Estate Agent/Broker. These checklists are a great way to manage all of the pieces of information that will lead to a smooth and efficient closing for everyone. Click here to access closing checklists.

step three:

Visit our Offices page so you can choose the best location for your transaction and once chosen, find easy to follow maps and directions for all of our offices. Be sure to coordinate the office choice with all of the parties to your transaction.

Closings may seem singular in that everyone involved has a separate interest and reason for being in the transaction. However, achieving your individual goal requires coordination and all of the parties to the transaction doing their respective “job”. Being mindful of this and following the four steps will go a long way towards ensuring your particular transaction will close smoothly and on time.

Click here for a list of Commonly Asked Questions